Terms & Conditions for Purchase of Our Materials

Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Our Materials

1. Buyers are requested to go through our Brochures, Catalogues and Our Websites, before placing an order of any materials from us, to know the latest updated terms and conditions which is relevant to your purchase process. Terms and Conditions are subjected to revision without notification.

2. Quote for Materials shall be quoted in two forms :

  • A.Ex Factory Price ( This includes both the basic price with applicable GST% per Bag with the defined bag weight.)
  • B.Delivery Price ( This includes basic price with applicable GST% per Bag with the defined bag weight and Transport to your site as mentioned in the delivery address of your Order form )
In both the above cases the responsibility and the charges for unloading will be borne by the buyer or dealer only. Company shall not own the responsibility for both unloading persons and charges at any point of time.

3. Any issues in regard to miscommunication or wrong address of delivery, additional transport expenses as claimed by the transporter shall be borne by the buyer or dealer. Company shall not compensate at any point of time.

4. Buyers or Dealers are requested to unload the material and send back the transport vehicle within two hours from the time of arrival of the vehicle, else from your scheduled time of arrival to your spot. Delay in unloading and additional charges claimed by transporter shall be paid by Buyer or Dealer only.

5. Dealers shall exchange their customers bill with Fastmix bills at the city gateways, to save cost and time of multiple Unloading – Loading before reaching the site. In this case, the forwarding Dealer is entirely responsible for the transportation without bills or bills carrying incorrect details or informations.

6. Buyers or Dealers shall obtain one set of DC and Bills for the materials supplied and the return copy shall be sealed and signed by the Buyer’s or Dealer’s authorized persons and handover back to the transport driver, who will return the same to us, to close the order.

7. Buyers or Dealers are requested not to handover payments of any sort cheques, DDs or Cash, to any of the Transport personals, at any point of time. Company shall not be responsible for any mishappens in such cases.

8. Incase of return of the materials unavoidably to Fastmix, the Buyer or Dealer shall transport the material back to our company premises and shall bare the unloading expenses. In such cases, the Buyer or Dealer is requested to pre-intimate by mail or phone and then after our approval the materials shall be shipped back. This approval is compulsory for our internal documentation process. In such cases, the return balance shall be done within 15 Days from the date of receipt of the return materials.

9. Buyers or Dealers shall always claim for their rights for correct procedures, assured quality of our product, various supports offered by the company etc., through mail, for which the company shall revert back within 10 working days.