Our Products

Our Products

We are presently manufacturing Dry Mortar for various building applications such as Brick laying, Interior, exterior and ceiling plastering. Dry Mortar is also available for concreting applications without aggregate

The product is available in various weights of packages according to needs of customer such as 25 Kgs, 40 Kgs and 50 Kgs in polymer bags with convenience to transport

Products are available in various mix ratios from 1: 1 i.e. (1 part of cement : 1 part of sand ) to 1:6 i.e. ( 1 part of cement : 6 part of Sand ) for various applications. This also shall include minor proportions of additives for quality improvements

All raw materials used will comply to IS requirements ( Refer Title Quality )

Custom designed products shall also be supplied based on customers requirement based on the feasibility of usage, approved quality, order volume and price